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Redefining online education

Kongo, a joint venture of Vidyalankar and UFO Movies, is India’s first education change management company.


Kongo works with top executives from educational institutes, industry and the government to help them make better decisions in regard to education, convert those decisions to actions and deliver sustainable results.


Vidyalankar wanted to create an even playing field by ensuring students in smaller cities and towns get access to the same expert guidance and learning techniques that students in bigger cities had.


The field of education is highly competitive and stressful for students in India. We wanted to create a brand that speaks to them as a friend, motivates through care and overall makes education look a lot friendlier and less daunting. We started with coming up with a name that is common parlance amongst students –  Congo, which is a short form and slang for Congratulations. We named the new company Kongo which is also derived from ‘Knowledge on the go’.


We did a branding exercise to reflect the attributes of Kongo: authentic, friendly, modern and trustworthy. The logo mark is a fluid entity that evolves based on its environment. Each application can reflect the themes and inspirations of the story it is trying to convey. The imagery for Kongo reflects ‘motion’, to give it a sense of energy and drive.

Kongo is already helping lots of students achieve success faster and move stronger.

Project / 

Brand Identity Creation


Role /

Brand Identity, Concept, Art Direction, Design, Copywriting

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