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Reintegrating victims of sex trafficking through a sustainable social enterprise

Threads of Freedom (ToF) is a social enterprise revolutionizing the way survivors of sex trafficking and those at high risk of being trafficked, reintegrate themselves into society.


The mission is simple: Give these women their lives back through meaningful employment and social support.


Most trafficked women lack the confidence and skills needed to reintegrate into society. Their past leaves them stigmatized; they’re spurned by their families and judged by potential employers. This leads to insecurity, isolation and an inability to start the next chapter in their lives.


ToF works with non-profit rescue organizations and professional clothing manufacturers to provide job training, employment, counseling and support for these exploited women.


We needed to come up with a name and a brand identity system that reflects the company’s philosophy – stylish fashion that speaks without the preach. Taking from the name of the parent brand – Threads of Freedom (ToF), we came up with the cute and catchy name ‘tofu’ which stands for ‘Threads of Freedom and U’.

Not only did we create a transformative and disruptive visual system but also one that exudes positivity and good vibes.

Project / 

Brand Identity Creation


Role /

Brand Identity, Concept, Art Direction, Design, Copywriting, Naming

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