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Tapping the millennials and how they consume entertainment

In 2016, we teamed up with dekkho,

a free premium video streaming service for Indian entertainment.



Together, we developed an identity that inspires everyone to take life a little less seriously and start having more fun immediately.

After a deep research, one thing became clear: the millennials were ultimately looking for a connection, even though they appear to be people who are self-absorbed with low attention levels.

We realised that dekkho needs to be a brand that is friendly, smart, authentic, vibrant, straightforward, modern, witty, passionate and conscious.

Storytelling through patterns, colours, and tone of voice is the core of the new dekkho branding. The logo depicts watching unlimited content. The colours are vibrant, the patterns are beautiful, the content is relatable – everything optimised to appeal to the fast-growing content consumers of India. #yaydekkho

Project / 

Brand Identity Creation


Role /

Brand Identity, Concept, Art Direction, Design, Copywriting

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