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Transforming an organisation, from a home-based small business to a mid-size food-tech aggregator

Homebowl is a food company which focuses on delivering home-cooked foods by home chefs for working individuals and students.

The business had a new vision, to bring home-cooked food to hundreds of millions of people in all the cities of India, connecting them in a financially viable, easy and personal way.

To meet this ambition, the business needed to transform from a small home-based business to a mid-size food-tech aggregator.

Homebowl got us on board to get them ready for the relaunch.


We embraced the challenge; building on the research, naming the service Homebowl.

Blending strategic and creative expertise, we froze on the proposition ‘Eat Gharka’, thus establishing the creative direction for the brand identity.

We created a fluid logo system that blends into the environment by using playful icons and assets that were custom designed for the brand. At the centre of the identity system was the orange L, sitting in the cutting board, which also becomes the space for the custom icons. This gave the brand instant recognition. For a brand that needed to appear confident in a highly crowded food-tech market, the symbol and its icons gave it a distinct personality.


We also created the packaging, stationery, uniforms, on-screen graphics and guidelines that would equip Homebowl’s in-house teams and agencies to keep the brand alive.

Unfortunately, due to unknown reasons, the brand didn’t go live. But, for us, working on Homebowl was an extremely satisfying experience, one that we want to share with you. 

Project / 

Brand Identity Creation


Role /

Brand Identity, Concept, Art Direction, Design, Copywriting

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