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Tackling obesity through organic foods & farming

" How your mind feels is directly proportional to what your mouth feeds." – Anonymous

We worked with Zama, to create a brand to promote farmers working tirelessly to grow organic food. We dived into the organic world with immersion workshops to uncover what encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle, letting go of unhealthy foods and practices. We discovered what it means to live a life of serenity and eating closer to earth. From this we crafter the proposition ‘Fresh Off The Farm’.

‘Fresh Off The Farm’, describes how Zama is working with organic farmers to make their food easily and quickly accessible to all. For customers, Zama is making choosing healthy over processed, a much more viable option.


The new identity enables Zama to communicate the creation of a lifestyle of healthy living. Zama now has the ability to speak confidently, clearly and creatively about the incredible work that the farmers are doing to ensure India eats healthy. We defined a simple and bold logo that allows it to be the informed choice and cuts through all the noise.


With the new brand, Zama has a purpose, voice, platform and tools to accelerate organic farming and expand organic foods to a greater audience. Zama is on course to change the eating habits of Indians, get rid of obesity and choose a healthier lifestyle.

Project / 

Brand Identity Creation


Role /

Brand Identity, Concept, Art Direction, Design, Packaging, Naming, Copywriting

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